Tis' the Season for Boo!

Hey there! These past couple of months have been a blur! In my new school district, each teacher has a classroom blog. I've been working on updating that blog, and haven't had time to blog over on Learnin' Books. My bad, but I pinky promise to be better! :) 

Let's catch up a little bit: 

I am love, love, loving being back at home! I love having all four seasons and seeing my family in person. My school family is amazing, and they have gone above and beyond to welcome me. 

I took this little pic while out walking my dog at our local park. Fall is my absolute favorite season: boots, pumpkin everything, changing leaves...I love it!

Another part that I love about being back home is the milder weather! I don't need my gas-guzzling SUV anymore, so I traded it in for an itty bitty Volkswagen. Once again: love! I snapped a pic of Pompidou before hitting the road this morning. He's too cool for school! I wonder if they make doggy sunglasses?!

Here's a little peek of what me and my little kindergartners have been up to this week:

I spray-painted lima beans orange on one side. The kiddos made Jack-o-Lantern faces on the orange side (three triangles and a smile) and a ghost face on the white side (two circles and a squiggly smile). They put 10 lima beans in their pumpkin or cauldron containers, shook, and counted how many pumpkins landed face up. Then, they traced that number on the corresponding worksheet that I made using Creative Clips Clipart and Fonts by The First Grade Parade. Click here to download the worksheet. They had so much fun! 

{I printed this worksheet double sided, so kids can play at home or continue on to the other side once they are finished with the first side.}

We also sorted bones! ....Well candy bones. I purchased Bones Candy from Oriental Trading. The children sorted the bones using a worksheet that I created from clipart from Edu-Clips. Click here to download the worksheet.

I am so very happy to be back in Kindergarten! I have had so much fun this year, and I am so proud of all that my kiddos have accomplished thus far!

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

Here We Go!

It's June!!! 

Now that I'm officially out of my food coma, which was induced by National Donut Day on June 5th, I'm ready to share some updates! 

*I said my final goodbyes to the wonderful families and supportive staff of my elementary school. The school where I began my teaching career {pass the tissues please}

*I packed up my classroom with the help of a family I had last year. {I have A LOT of stuff!}

*My apartment looks like an episode of Hoarders with the maze of boxes from my classroom. 

*I haven't seen my little puppy dog in a few days due to the maze of boxes {I'm sure he's here somewhere...} 

*I've become a pro {or at least better than my grandma} with using Skype.

*I'm looking forward to heading back to my family in Virginia!

I haven't been blogging as much, because I've been busy packing and preparing for the big move back home to Virginia. I have accepted a job offer to teach kindergarten in the school district where I grew up! I've been praying to get a job in that district, go back to teaching kindergarten, and get a job before I moved. I prayed a BIG prayer and God showed up and did BIG things! We serve a great God!! 

I will get back to blogging via summer linkups until the school year starts. 

As for now, I gotta get back to packing! My mom is flying in to help with the move, but I'll get a head start and try to pack a bunch today....or at least five boxes...okay I'm not that ambitious, so maybe two boxes....alright I'll be honest, I'll probably get around to packing one{ish} boxes today before my mom comes to help with the rest :) 


New Beginnings & Spring Celebrations

Hey y'all! So I have a confession, a little secret I've been keeping for a while now. {And that's a big deal coming from me, since I'm the one who will tell you what I got you for your birthday as you're in the middle of opening your gift} Anyhoo, here's the news: I'm moving back to Virginia! I officially put in my letter of resignation with my current school district this week. And although I've been blessed with many opportunities and memories at my school, I'm looking forward to getting back home to my family :) 

I'm in the process of applying to jobs now, and I will move during June, after the school year ends. With that said, prayers would be much appreciated!!!  

But enough about me, let's dive into a little recap of our end of April activities! 

We had our Spring Egg Hunt, and this year it was based on parts of speech. You can read about the activity and grab the freebie worksheet here

This year, I wanted to get us outside for Earth Day celebrations. We made acrostic poems about the earth, created birdseed ornaments, and planted sunflower seeds. It was a really fun day!

If you'd like to try this with your kiddos, pick up a copy of the recipe here :) 

Lastly, my class and I really enjoyed reading 10 Things I Can Do to Help My World by Melanie Walsh. 

I know, I know, that was a super short recap, but I promise there's more to come! Here's to a strong finish as we near the end of the school year, and to a very happy Teacher Appreciation Week! 

I'm Baaack!

Hey y'all! After a long while away, I'm coming back to blogging again. Woo hoo! This year has been especially challenging, so I had to scale back the amount of time spent blogging. After this experience, I can definitely say that I've grown as a teacher. 

Since I've been away so long, here's a fast-forward version of what my little ones have been up to: 

I took advantage of this rare, but awesome warm weather! We did a math lesson about telling time outside of our school. We made a giant clock, broke it into half then quarters, drew the count by five minutes, and more! This was such a fun and interactive way to engage students. 

I did my usual green eggs and ham dish for our Dr. Seuss study, but I also decided to kick it up a notch and have the kiddos make Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat marshmallow treats! It was super messy, but hey, that's what first grade is for, right? I got the idea here

We also learned about relation symbols, such as greater than, less than, and equal to. We read the book Just Enough Carrots. It's a darling book that teaches relation symbols with a little bunny and his mom grocery shopping.


Using the foods from the book, the children made their own number sentences with relation symbols. They had so much fun doing this! 

In Social Studies, we begun our study of Asia. We're supposed to incorporate geographical concepts, so I thought making a flour map would be helpful! We also pulled out a good ol' fashioned globe, and to the shock of many of my little first graders, Colorado is not part of Asia. Bless their hearts :)

If you'd like to use the template I created for the passport click here. I used Cara Carrol fonts to make it more kid friendly. Here's the recipe I for the flour mixture. 

This week is our last week before Spring Break. Last year, I did a math-themed spring egg hunt. This year, I changed it to parts of speech. I plan to hide plastic eggs on the playground once again. This time, I will include a small piece of candy and a spring-themed word. The children will hunt for 4 to 5 eggs then sort their words by parts of speech on the worksheet below. Click here for your egg-celent freebie!

It feels so good to be blogging again! Now that I'm all rested up, I can't wait to share more of my teaching adventures with my little first graders! Happy Sunday :)

Happy Birthday to Me!

It's my BIRTHDAY!! I like to call it Christa-mas :) My actual birthday party won't be til this Friday, but that's no excuse not to celebrate today! 

Today, my entire store will be 20% off! I believe that everyone should have a treat on Christa-mas :) 

In the classroom, my first grade teammates and I decided to give simple gifts for students. We give swirly straws with a balloon cutout attached. They turn out super cute, and the kiddos love them for sure. I also give each one a birthday crown, this is definitely their favorite part of the gift!

We got the idea for the balloon straws from Mrs. H from Once Upon a First Grade Adventure. She also included the balloon templates!

Now, I'm off to get ready for church and to subtly let everyone I meet today know that it's my birthday. Bring on the free goodies! I'm still trying to think of the biggest, most expensive free drink to get with my Starbucks birthday coupon :)

Oh My Pumpkin Pie!

Happy Thanksgiving y'all! Before I dive into the turkey {literally} I wanted to do a quick post to share some things we did at school this week {and by week I mean Monday and Tuesday :) }

We teamed up with our fourth grade big buddies to make bracelets that helped us tell the story of the first Thanksgiving. Definitely one of my favorite activities! The students not only learn the story, but they also practice retelling skills. I got the idea from Dr. Jean {love her!}. 


Next, we made Pumpkin Pie Play Dough, smells great and good enough to eat! {...but don't, it tastes really bad}. The kiddos had a blast! They were also improving their fine and gross motor skills! Lastly, we made simple turkey hats out of a paper plate, paint, construction paper, and a sentence strip :) 
Have a blessed Thanksgiving!!!

Elf on the Shelf Winner!

Happy Friday! My Elf on the Shlef Giveaway has ended; thank you all for stopping by and entering! 


Congratulations Suzy! 
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